Frequently Asked Questions
1. How will I get a delivery?
Ans:  No cd /dvd will be delivered physically. You’ll receive the download link for a 32 /64-bit version with a License key via email.
2. For how many devices can I use to activate the product?
Ans: You can use one license for one device only.
3. Will I get all updates after activating the product?
Ans: Yes, you will get updates, and you can update your product.
4. Can I shift my license to another or a new device?
Ans:  No, the product key is intended to be activated once for one PC. The service life is unlimited as long as the product is used on the same device. If the computer is to be reformatted or re-set up, or if any changes are made to the hardware (replacement of the hard disk, etc.), there is no longer a guarantee that the key will continue to work on the PC.