Return Policy

Welcome to Here we endeavor to sell real Microsoft item licenses at a moderate cost. Also, we sell digital items. Means if you make a buy, at that point, you will get a download link with an Activation key. No physical CD or DVD will deliver to your shipping address.
In case you need physical software with CD or DVD, then contact us, as we also deliver that on a particular order.
But, at some point, individuals face issues in downloading the item or can’t activate the theme by a provided License key. It sometimes happens because of some technical problems or some time may be when a wrong key delivered mistakenly.
Therefore, we have a customer support team to resolve the issues and billing team to assist you with refund inquiries.
Under what circumstances We offer returns and refunds.
• We offer refunds if you receive a defective License or Key. And it gives you an error message, and the key does not work. In this case, you can claim for a full refund.
• If a user faces any problem with the product within the 30 days of the purchase date, then you are eligible to claim for a refund or replacement of a particular product.
• Once you buy the license, then it is compulsory that you use the product keys within seven days of purchase. If you use the key after seven days of purchase and if a key does not work. Then we can give you a replacement, but a refund will not happen.
• If you buy multiple products and if there is a problem with some of the product keys, then only defective items will be considered as replacement or refund. We will not refund for the products which have no problems.
Under what circumstances We do not offer refunds
• If you activate the product successfully, but later you feel that you order the wrong product, you think you installed the product in a faulty device, or you decide that you no longer need that product. Then a refund request will not be entertained.
• Our keys will work with an only fresh installation. If you are trying to upgrade the product via a license key, then it won’t work. So, in this case, we cannot initiate a refund, but our team can help & guide to set up the product correctly. So do not try to upgrade your product with a license key.
What the user is required to do for a refund.
A user needs to contact our customer support team @ 1-866-849-8084 between 10 am – 7 pm EST. Or contact us by Click Here
In case a user received a defective license key. Which is not working, then it’s mandatory that a user takes a picture or a screenshot of the error message about crucial status. And send that picture to us via email as proof. It will be challenging to initiate a refund without a picture or a screenshot of the error message.
The timeframe in which you accept returns.
Within the 30 days of purchase. If you face any problem with the product. Then feel free to reach us. We will go for a replacement or a full refund. (Based on a user choice)
When a user can expect a refund
Once we accept a refund request, then it takes 7-10 business days. To refund that particular amount to the user. We cannot initiate a refund in a different bank account. It will go to the same bank account from where you made the payment.
To request for a refund, Click Here to contact us or call us 1-866-849-8084 between 10 am To 7 pm (EST) Weekends Closed.