Understanding the Differences: Office Home & Student 2021 vs Office 2021 Professional Plus

office home & student vs office pro 2021


If you’ve ever tried to purchase Microsoft Office, you’ll notice that there are multiple versions available, which can make the decision process a bit daunting. Today, we will dive deep into two popular editions: Office Home & Student 2021 and Office 2021 Professional Plus. By understanding their differences, you can make a more informed decision that best fits your needs.

Overview of Both Versions

  1. Office Home & Student 2021: As the name suggests, this edition is primarily designed for individuals, students, and households who need the basics. It’s a one-time purchase meant for a single device.

  2. Office 2021 Professional Plus: This is a more comprehensive suite tailored for professionals, businesses, and individuals who require advanced functionalities. It, too, is a one-time purchase but offers a broader range of applications and tools.

Core Features & Applications:

Office Home & Student 2021:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft OneNote

Office 2021 Professional Plus:

  • All the applications available in Home & Student 2021
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Access
  • Skype for Business

Who is it for?

Office Home & Student 2021: Perfect for individuals, students, or families that need essential tools for tasks like essay writing, basic spreadsheet calculations, or simple presentations.

Office 2021 Professional Plus: Designed for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and serious users who need advanced email capabilities, desktop publishing tools, a database management system, or regular communication via Skype for Business.


Pricing can vary depending on the region and the place of purchase. Generally, Office Home & Student 2021 is less expensive since it provides fewer applications. Office 2021 Professional Plus comes at a higher price due to its comprehensive toolset.

One-time Purchase:

Both these versions are one-time purchases. This means you buy the software once and can use it indefinitely without any recurring subscription fees. However, keep in mind that one-time purchases might not include future major updates, unlike the subscription-based Microsoft 365.


The best choice between Office Home & Student 2021 and Office 2021 Professional Plus depends on your specific needs. If you’re looking for just the basics and want to avoid unnecessary costs, Home & Student 2021 might be the right fit. However, if you’re a professional seeking advanced tools or need to manage a business, then the Professional Plus edition offers a better suite of applications.

It’s always wise to evaluate your current and anticipated future needs before making a decision. And remember, regardless of your choice, you’re still getting top-tier software that’s known and loved by millions worldwide.

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